The ice cream vendor is waiting on customers at his outdoor stand.

Knut has a distinct French accent.

I should tell Dawn, right?


Why blame just Natraj?

He had a roundworm in his stool the other day.

This is my sister. She is called Julia.

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We should've kept that a secret.

The apple tastes sweet.

Konstantinos would love this.


I heard what was said.

Avery became animated.

I hear the grass is green even in the winter in England.

The strength of the gravitational force reduces quickly with distance.

We have to get her out of here.

We're all going to share it. Could you bring us some extra plates?

The sun was about to come up.

I didn't mean any of it.

Say nothing but good things about the dead.

Global warming will cause coastal flooding.

What do you think happened to our family?


I'm going to clean your bedroom today.

Could you tell me the exact time, please?

Are we ready to go?

We will like it.

Would you like a free sample?

Siping wanted to stay in Boston for another three days.

We should celebrate Halloween together.

You look content.

My balloon popped!

No man is rich enough to buy back his own past.

She bought some paper that she could use for writing letters.

We're going to have to paint our barn soon.

This work is half-done.

She moved to a warmer place for the sake of her health.

Can you save enough money for the down payment?

I know you're up against it.

Show us the way.

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I asked Matthias if I could look through his photo album.

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We have never heard him sing the song.

Donne is a talented young man.

Dori doesn't like the house that he lives in.


The government took our land.

The stump is like a phallus of nature.

He is proficient in both Spanish and Italian.

Dean bought a camera just a couple of days ago, but he's already lost it.

I'd wait longer if I could.

Don't be fooled.

One can still see the ship.

It takes courage to do such a thing.

I can't go on.


I was at the theater.

Sherman and Pamela are staying.

But I care less than naught for Zeus.

Many nights did he spend, looking up at the stars.

Isn't Sunil forgetting something?

You might get your papa to hire men to watch in all the chimneys on Christmas Eve to catch Santa Claus, but even if they did not see Santa Claus coming down, what would that prove? Nobody sees Santa Claus, but that is no sign that there is no Santa Claus.

This is the first time I've ever got tired of translating.

The paper discusses the problem in terms of ethics.

Two spots were open.


She silently filed away that piece of information, thinking it might be useful later.

Siping is three years older than his wife.

Shopping malls are quickly mushrooming in this very urban city.


How do we reason with them?

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Spudboy might be seriously ill.

This reminds me of someone.

Saqib said that if he won the lottery, he'd buy a new house.

She punched me in the face.

There are apples in this box.

Is Kristi over there with you?

Have fun at the game.

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You're going to be late again.

When do we leave?

Once I make a decision I never change my mind.

The Mona Lisa is probably the most famous painting ever created.

I want you to lie down.

I intended to have gone fishing.

When did you write that last part?

I know exactly what you mean.

Let's have a contest.

I'm planning to buy a mobile phone tomorrow.

It is a lot of fun picking various shells on the sands.


Police are scouring security footage following a robbery in the city centre.

That sounds like something a teenager would say.

Please turn on the light.

You have made it.

Marcel lived in a one-bedroom apartment.

She has a perfect body.

Did Radek really just say that?


Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

I admire Anatoly very much.

You'd better ask Jisheng if that's OK.

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Travis was convinced that she would never get married.

We're talking about you.

Ronni opened the trunk to get the spare tire.

Afterwards, we went to Bethlehem to see the statues.

I think that English people might be more used to language learners than people in other countries.

I trusted them.

Shall I draw you a picture?

I know Panzer and Marian used to be friends.

I'd better get going.

I'm fed up with waiting for you.

Emma is a lecherous old man.


You need to stop doing that right now.

You didn't do anything.

Wha? Study, reflexes, all the parameters are MAX! You've even saved money up to the limit ... Amazing.

A reasonable compromise must be found.

The government has imposed a new tax on wine.

This movie is appropriate for all ages.

I asked Charlie not to tell Rodney.


I think you might want to change your plans.

Are you extroverted?

Somebody invited me to have sex and I agreed.


Deirdre and Piete were both alcoholics.

Surya said it was none of my business.

We're not home.

There is but one chance.

We've talked about this.

I think we shouldn't be doing this.

You don't miss much, do you?


Are you a member of this crew?

Why don't you come over around six or so?

Major kept working despite her illness.


I wish Ralf hadn't done that.

You can't see him today.

Norma isn't going to lose.

The pilot is trying to restore communication with the control tower.

Svante threatened Kerri with a gun.


You're a babe.

I'd appreciate it if you would turn off the lights.

I didn't ask them to go there.


Can anything be done for her?

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He'll probably come over here if you call out to him.

Hey, let's go in there.

We waited, but he didn't come.

My hobby is to listen to music.

I'm going to have to pass on that.

Can you empty the dishwasher?

The sooner we start doing something about global climate change, the better off we'll be.

You're going to get yourself shot.

You may not like what you hear.

They all got into the taxi at once.

All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.

One of the children over there is Jos.

Tim threw his half-eaten sandwich into the trash can.

As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.

It is not that she has rejected our offer.


A lot of people prefer to eat fried chicken with their fingers.

We loved you.

You have to go to bed now.


Andrea didn't feel he should do what the other children were doing.

School begins at nine and is over at six.

When trade prohibitions are resisted by any substantial minority, black markets develop.


I don't deny it.

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If it had not been for your help, I would have lost the game.

We tried to persuade him.

Beverly couldn't find anyone to talk to.

I've been hired to find her.

You are deranged.


The leaves rustle in the wind.


I don't know either of the two sisters.

Dick waited until Tal was out of earshot before he started talking.

Is French a difficult language to learn?

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A Transitional Council official told the press that he expects oil production to reach 1.6 million barrels per day within a year.

Tran knows that her main weapon, a beautiful face and a young body, is of transient value.

They're learning Esperanto.

Rudolph answered Ernie's letter right away.

You're all nothing but pawns.


He hasn't written to them in a long time.